...most impressive figure of the night...


...Stephens, Stamey, Gudasz...ran through three unexpectedly sweet Big Star classics performed with love, warmth, accuracy, and the respect such music clearly deserves...

“Car Song” is a lazy, warm, summery song with a jazzy feel and is the perfect accompaniment to a ride on a sunny morning on an open road; “Dream Lover” is a lush rendition of the Big Star classic.  Both sides compliment one another and are executed perfectly.

Amidst the sea of veteran artists, up and coming singer-songwriter Skylar Gudasz’s clear-eyed and no frills take on ‘At Thirteen,’ one of Big Star’s most signature tunes, brought the packed house to a standstill.

Her “Thirteen” found a vocal innocence that Chilton could only write, while the haunting “Dream Lover” gorgeously invoked the “lonely quiver” that some find at the heart of Big Star’s music, in-between the power pop and the art-rock.

Skylar Gudasz’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and a bit of an anomaly. You can hear traces of oldies rock, 20’s jazz and folks blues within seconds of each other. Regardless, it’s a unique voice and one you won’t soon forget.

…Gudasz spellbinds audiences.  Check out her video for “Car Song,” an evocative, heartfelt explosion that fills the crevices of the empty ballroom that falls dark around her glowing spotlight.

Skylar Gudasz is a North Carolina singer-songwriter with a voice of such startling, unprepossessed beauty that it will, in the words of R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, "quiet and command a room". Her voice has an effortless elegance that is otherworldly, almost siren-like, in its pull.

For Skylar Gudasz, a whisper can resonate louder than a shout. She showcases her soft, but powerful vocals and elegant songwriting in her upcoming solo album, Oleander.

The title "Car Song" might give you the idea that the song is going to be rollicking and fast paced; to the complete opposite Gudasz takes her time here, her beautiful voice waxing mournful yet sounding strong on the slow Americana-leaning cut, full of nuance and recalling great vocalists like Emmylou Harris.

Anybody who went to the Big Star tribute show at the Enmore last week, kinda fell a little bit in love with Skylar Gudasz. You could hear it in the post-show murmurings of people heading up the street. Oh sigh, when that doe-eyed dreamboat sang 'Thirteen'.

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This young lady has all the makings of a (big) star; watch for her debut album in 2015.”