Kick out the chair, tell the truth

ain’t just been pictures hanging under this roof

My heroes have always been sad smog-eyed tragedies

ain’t no exception in you


But what a fight you put up!

Tin foil and a clear jar to catch those lightning bugs

What air does enter, air must leave

you took the light in along with the evening.


and who am I to say who’s to go, who’s to stay?

Every word you wrestled to the page

I keep as company in quiet hours listening to the boards creak

Every line, I mark under the window where the porch light leaks

With a pen, I will not go to sleep until I hear you speak




I want to be with you in the darkness

in the half moon's blue light

let me carry your burdens for a while

let me soften the lines around your smile


I'm not saying I want to be there with you always

’cause honey you know there ain't no such thing.

but I want to be with you in the darkness

ain't no other way to see a wild thing

And I am selfish and impatient still

I like to call out alone to the whippoorwill 


If I am a lotus-eater

If I drank flower water and can't go home

If I leave you lying on the couch

soaking in the blue- light bath alone


I am reminding myself how to get up

Get up, get up, get up

But I want to be with you in the darkness

Tonight I want to be with you in the darkness

Tonight I want to be with you in the darkness




I’m so happy I could die

Ii’m so happy i could die right now

Ii’m so happy since you left me

I could die because I’m so happy

just kill me now


I’m so rich I don’t need your money

I’m so rich I get paid all the time

I’m so rich since you left me, honey

Ii could marry someone who would marry me

just for my money


get your tattoos

read your funny papers

drink your coffee black

Ii’m so happy

what did you think this was:

me trying to get you back?


I’m so lucky I roll snake eyes

Ii’m so lucky the dealer lets me drink for free

Ii’m so lucky since you left me

bet you been wondering if Ii get lucky, well

Ii don’t kiss and tell


get your tattoos

read your funny papers

drink your whiskey neat

Ii’m so happy

what did you think this was:

me trying to sweep you off your feet?


Ii’m so happy

just kill me now




come, come

there are ships we can get on

there are ships coming I know what you are thinking

but we are just pretty, in- between things


dark woods, white land

snowy branches reach for your hand

do not take them, please, I know what you are thinking

but ships are coming

stay a little longer with me


explorers lost and in love with foreign lands

are just heartbroken men, do not feel bad for them

are you mine? they ask, lips to wind

as yours as she has ever been




here come the Friday Night Blues again

call me up to hear silence on your end

is there a problem connecting, old friend?


so you gave your life to a machine, my dear

well we’re all green-fingered guilty of that sometimes

you fear to be a tourist here, in your own town

to be a tourist and in your own hometown


raised between trains and gravestones

I kissed him by his family name

now you took it for your own

but do what you want, honey, love who you will

where we come from ain’t gotta be where we go, still


you can always call on me with your Friday Night Blues

remind me life’s part a field

of what we choose to grow

and what we don’t

and what the sun rises up on

what we don’t, the sun rises up on




From boats to beds

I am a sailor

And I will sail until I die

Are we dead yet?


are we dead yet

or are we still alive

were we ever in love?


or are we just boats to the stars up hovering

just water running to water’s covering

are we just earth to the sky above?

we are just earth to the sky above




Talking to me about great men

talking to me late in the cCanteen

who paid you to do that?

there are many equations set

like how many plane rides will it take me to get

within spitting distance of you?


Oh, but talk to me

about the rhododendrons on the trail

even though I didn’t know they weren’t oOleander,

that poisonous flower.

what is it men think it can get them,

what is it I think I wanna give them?


a little conversation


Is it love that makes a great man?

Oh, I don’t want to talk anymore

were we going to dance?

and leave chance to chance

is that your hand on my hand


3,000 MILES


cornmeal and brown ties

we got our whole lives to get forgotten it seems

what you know about dreams that some liar ain’t told you?


but oh, let’s believe the lies

the upside of the ebb tide

I have laid too long beside you to be fighting the blues like I do


3,000 miles in the air

across an ocean to primavera

in a tin can over green squares

I ain’t scared and I ain’t gonna be sad

when Ii get there


oh let’s believe the lies

the upside of the ebb tide

Ii got a wandering eye

and wandering’s what settles my mind




will we always be on the road

passing each other

hanging behind

the ropes at shows

late at night

calling each other

late at night

we might always be on the road


but ain’t it sad

that I gotta be alone

and you gotta be alone

with me


so hush now hush just one more thing

what is love if it ain’t a song we can sing?




Kiss me now and say you’ll be sweet like this to anybody

even the drunks on the street seem to have poems

they need to tell you

and me, I swore off long ago listening

when the moon’s like this

to people who seem to have half an idea of what they know


Stop getting sentimental, this is just a one- night stand

in a fancy restaurant, got you thinking you own things you can not

in fact I don’t know you. in fact you could be dangerous

should I be calling the maîitre d’ ? who assumes you are close to me

so close I would put you in my will, well I’m a benefactor ubiquitous

with no possessions to leave save my sewing machine and a taste for the kill


so kiss me now and say you’ll be sweet like this to anybody

so I can get on this flight, a baggageless lady

back to a borrowed country, whose postcards boast beautiful birds

an aviary for getaway experts




Impatiens the blue in your boutineer

you stop the car for a smoke when we’re almost there

but hey, hey, I ain’t the kind to rush

cause we’re just friends


legs for days and a speakeasy grin

at the party lines of first- class broads waiting to pour your gin

but hey, hey, I ain’t the kind the crush

cause we’re just friends


and in the darker hours, when your room light’s out

am I a fixture there in your mind

like you are in mine



it’s a good thing it’s dark when the sparklers go

cause the line of your lengthy shadow is a devil’s breath too close

and I ain’t the kind to blush

cause we’re just friends


yes it’s these darker hours, when the moonlight’s out

making everything look all fit up for a king

oh these late hours, when it’s just stars and troublemakers out

friend, why are we staying in?